Proof Bubbles Review (David Dekel) Good or Bad?

Introduction – Proof Bubbles Review

Hello Guys, Welcome To My Review Blog This is Proof Bubbles Review. Proof Bubbles is a software tool that aims to enhance website conversions by displaying real-time notifications of recent customer activity, such as purchases, sign-ups, and reviews. These notifications are intended to create a sense of urgency and social proof, encouraging visitors to take action. In this Proof Bubbles Review, we will examine the features, benefits, drawbacks, and overall effectiveness of Proof Bubbles. If You are interested Proof Bubbles Review Please Read Full Review.

Overview of Proof Bubbles

Vendor: David Dekel

Product: Proof Bubbles

Launch Date: 2023-Jun-12

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $17

Niche: Software

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

What is Proof Bubbles

Proof Bubbles offers a simple setup process, allowing users to customize the appearance and behavior of the notifications. The software integrates with various website platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The primary goal is to increase conversions and boost credibility by showcasing social proof.

How To Work Proof Bubbles

Integration and Setup

Start by integrating Proof Bubbles with your website platform. The tool offers seamless integration with popular platforms, making the setup process quick and straightforward. Follow the provided instructions to install and activate Proof Bubbles on your website.


Customize the appearance and behavior of the notifications to align with your website’s branding. Choose colors, fonts, and styles that complement your website’s design. Consider the placement of the notifications to ensure they are visible without overshadowing other crucial elements.

Display Relevant Activity

Select the type of customer activity you want to showcase through the notifications. Options include recent purchases, sign-ups, reviews, and more. Displaying relevant and recent activity will enhance the credibility and social proof of your website.

Set Rules and Timing

Configure the rules and timing of the notifications to ensure they are displayed at optimal moments. Consider factors such as the frequency of display, the duration of each notification, and the triggers that activate them. Avoid overwhelming visitors with an excessive number of notifications.

Monitor and Optimize

Regularly monitor the performance of Proof Bubbles by analyzing conversion data. Use analytics tools to track the impact of the notifications on your website’s conversions. A/B testing can help you optimize the placement, timing, and style of the notifications for maximum effectiveness.

Privacy and Compliance

Respect user privacy and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Avoid displaying sensitive or personally identifiable information in the notifications. Transparently communicate to visitors how the customer activity data is collected and used.

Key Features of Proof Bubbles

Real-Time Customer Activity Notifications

Proof Bubbles enables the display of real-time notifications that highlight recent customer activity, such as purchases, sign-ups, and reviews. These notifications serve as powerful social proof, creating a sense of trust and urgency, and motivating visitors to take action.

Customization Options

Proof Bubbles offers a range of customization options to align with your website’s branding and design. You can choose colors, fonts, and styles that match your website’s aesthetics, ensuring a seamless integration of the notifications.

Behavioral Triggers

The tool allows you to set behavioral triggers to control when the notifications appear. You can configure specific actions or events that activate the display of notifications, ensuring they are shown at the most opportune moments during a visitor’s journey.

Display Rules and Timing

Proof Bubbles provides flexible display rules and timing options. You can determine the frequency and duration of the notifications to strike the right balance between capturing attention and avoiding overwhelming visitors.

Conversion Tracking and Analytics

To measure the impact of Proof Bubbles on your website’s conversions, the tool offers conversion tracking and analytics features. You can monitor the performance of the notifications, track click-through rates, and gain valuable insights into their effectiveness.

Integration with Popular Platforms

Proof Bubbles seamlessly integrates with a variety of website platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and others. This ensures compatibility and ease of use for users across different platforms.

Responsive Design

The notifications generated by Proof Bubbles are designed to be responsive and compatible with various devices and screen sizes. This allows for a consistent user experience across desktop and mobile devices.

The Best Part of Proof Bubbles

Social Proof: Displaying recent customer activity can create a sense of trust and urgency among visitors, leading to increased conversions.

Customization Options: Proof Bubbles offers several customization features, allowing users to tailor the notifications to match their website’s design and branding.

Easy Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with popular website platforms, simplifying the setup process.

Real-Time Updates: Proof Bubbles provides real-time updates of customer activity, ensuring that visitors see the most current notifications.

Conversion Tracking: The tool offers conversion tracking capabilities, enabling users to monitor the impact of the notifications on their website’s performance.

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Benefits of Proof Bubbles

Increased Conversions

One of the primary benefits of Proof Bubbles is its ability to drive higher conversion rates. By showcasing recent customer activity, such as purchases or sign-ups, the tool generates social proof that encourages visitors to take action. The sense of urgency created by these notifications can lead to increased conversions and sales.

Establishes Credibility

Proof Bubbles helps establish credibility for your website or online business. When visitors see real-time notifications of other users engaging with your offerings, it builds trust in your brand and products. The presence of social proof instills confidence and reassurance, leading to a higher likelihood of conversions.

Enhances User Engagement

The dynamic nature of Proof Bubbles’ notifications captures visitors’ attention and increases user engagement. The notifications serve as visual cues that highlight the popularity and demand for your products or services. This encourages visitors to explore further and spend more time on your website, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

Creates a Sense of Urgency

The timely display of recent customer activity through Proof Bubbles creates a sense of urgency among visitors. Seeing notifications of limited stock or time-limited offers can prompt visitors to make quicker decisions, reducing hesitation and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Customization Options

Proof Bubbles offers customization options, allowing you to align the notifications with your brand’s aesthetics and website design. You can choose colors, fonts, and styles that match your branding, ensuring a seamless integration of the notifications into your website’s user interface.

Easy Implementation

Proof Bubbles provides a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with popular website platforms, making it easy to implement on your website. The setup process is straightforward, enabling you to quickly start benefiting from its features without extensive technical knowledge.\

What Can Do it

Instills Trust and Credibility

Proof Bubbles generates real-time notifications that showcase recent customer activity, such as purchases, sign-ups, and reviews. These notifications serve as social proof, establishing trust and credibility in the minds of visitors. By highlighting the positive experiences of others, Proof Bubbles can influence potential customers and increase their confidence in your brand and offerings.

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Creates a Sense of Urgency

The real-time nature of Proof Bubbles’ notifications creates a sense of urgency among visitors. Displaying notifications of limited stock, time-limited offers, or high demand compels visitors to act promptly to avoid missing out. This sense of urgency can drive conversions and accelerate the decision-making process.

Boosts Conversion Rates

Proof Bubbles is designed to drive higher conversion rates by leveraging social proof. The visual impact of the notifications captures visitors’ attention and encourages them to take action. By showcasing recent customer activity, Proof Bubbles creates a persuasive environment that nudges visitors towards making a purchase, signing up, or taking the desired action.

Enhances User Engagement

The dynamic and interactive nature of Proof Bubbles’ notifications enhances user engagement on your website. Visitors are more likely to spend time exploring your offerings when they see real-time notifications of others actively engaging with your products or services. This increased engagement can lead to higher conversions and improved overall user experience.

Customization and Flexibility

Proof Bubbles offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance and behavior of the notifications to match your website’s design and branding. You can customize colors, fonts, and styles to ensure a seamless integration with your website’s aesthetics.

Best Practices for Using Proof Bubbles

To make the most of Proof Bubbles, it is essential to follow best practices, including:

Strategic Placement: Carefully position the notifications to ensure they enhance the user experience without overshadowing other critical elements.

Moderation: Use the notifications judiciously to maintain a sense of authenticity and prevent overwhelming visitors.

Timely Updates: Keep the notifications up-to-date by configuring them to reflect recent customer activity accurately.

Targeted Audience: Tailor the notifications to resonate with your target audience and align with their needs and preferences.

How To Make Money With Proof Bubbles

Promote High-Converting Offers

Use Proof Bubbles to showcase real-time notifications of customers purchasing or engaging with high-converting offers. By highlighting these popular products or services, you can encourage visitors to make a purchase and increase your revenue.

Create Urgency with Limited-Time Offers

Leverage the sense of urgency created by Proof Bubbles to promote limited-time offers or flash sales. Display real-time notifications of time-limited discounts or exclusive deals to drive immediate action from your visitors, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Utilize Proof Bubbles to display notifications of customers upgrading or purchasing additional products or services. By showcasing these upsell and cross-sell opportunities, you can increase your average order value and generate more revenue per customer.

Affiliate Marketing

Integrate Proof Bubbles with affiliate marketing programs by displaying notifications of customers making purchases through your affiliate links. This can help you earn commissions from affiliate sales, providing an additional source of revenue.

Offer Social Proof as a Service:
If you have expertise in conversion rate optimization or digital marketing, you can offer social proof as a service to other website owners. Utilize Proof Bubbles to demonstrate the effectiveness of social proof on their websites, and charge a fee for implementing and managing the tool.

Partner with Brands

Collaborate with brands that align with your website’s niche or audience. Display notifications of customers engaging with their products or services, and negotiate partnerships or sponsorships to earn a commission or fee for driving traffic and sales.

Who is Perfect

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites can greatly benefit from Proof Bubbles. By showcasing real-time notifications of recent purchases, Proof Bubbles creates a sense of trust and urgency among visitors. This social proof can significantly increase conversions by influencing potential customers to make a purchase.

Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses, such as consulting firms, coaching services, or freelancers, can also benefit from Proof Bubbles. Displaying notifications of recent client sign-ups or positive reviews can establish credibility and encourage potential clients to engage with your services.

Startups and Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses often struggle to establish trust and credibility in their early stages. Proof Bubbles can help overcome this challenge by showcasing real-time notifications of customer activity. This social proof can reassure visitors and generate confidence in your brand, leading to increased conversions.

Websites with Limited Testimonials

For websites with limited testimonials or customer reviews, Proof Bubbles can be a valuable addition. By displaying notifications of positive customer experiences, even with a small number of testimonials, Proof Bubbles can create a powerful impact on potential customers and drive conversions.

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

Proof Bubbles can be particularly effective in landing pages and sales funnels. By highlighting recent customer activity, such as sign-ups or purchases, Proof Bubbles can create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and drive visitors to take the desired action, leading to higher conversion rates.

Final Opinion – Proof Bubbles Review

Proof Bubbles can be a valuable tool for boosting website conversions by leveraging social proof. While it offers customization options, easy integration, and real-time updates, users should also consider potential drawbacks, including distraction and limited control. By following best practices and assessing the tool’s effectiveness for their specific website, users can make informed decisions about whether Proof Bubbles is a suitable solution for enhancing their online conversions and overall user experience.


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